In MARSAM, property management, we create, and practice, a property administration concept, based on individualized projects for each community. Project that has to turn, necessarily, based on the three basic ideas that must underlie the management of services of a collegiate property manager.

The collegiate property manager assumes the commitment to achieve the results expected from him but with maximum efficiency. It is effective, effective, but, above all, EFFICIENT, because it generates production of results and with the least possible resources that are necessary to achieve it.


Support of your professional school.

Liability insurance coverage

Training and qualification in the performance of the property manager.

Professional responsibility and seriousness in your work.

A professional office with professionals who know their work.

Professional specialization in all areas of knowledge that requires being an administrator of farms in labor, tax and accounting and legal matters.


It is this same line of professionalism that leads us to the continuous struggle to reduce costs, without obviously disregarding the obligations of the Community, which result in more adjusted and real fees to the maintenance needs of the Community.


It is this same line of professionalism, which forces us to be at the forefront of technological means, offering, for example, electronic communication acts, which entails a reduction in costs and therefore a saving for the community, allowing, at the same time, a relationship, more fluid and legally secure, between the community members and the farm manager and the president and the latter when the information exchange between all is recorded.


This same professionalism, we translate into a quick response to possible incidents that may arise, there is a large group of professionals who, covering different specialties (plumbing, electricity, etc.) allow us to offer the best response in the shortest possible time